Babymajawelt Lot de 10 langes pour bébé lavables à  90°C Blanc 80 x 80 cm


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The Babymajawelt Muslin Squares are ideal for mopping up spillages, or for use as burping cloths and comfort blankets. Plus, in a handy pack of 10, you'll always have one when you need it.
Features and benefits Each cloth measures 80cm x 80 cm ? plenty of room to wipe, mop up or cover. The muslins are made from soft 100% cotton that's absorbent and won't irritate your baby's skin. A pack of 10 muslins means that you'll have one to hand when you need it. Use as a makeshift bib to protect your little one's clothes when feeding. Tie a knot in the corner to create and instant comforter. Easy to machine wash and quick drying. The Babymajawelt Muslins are perfect for wiping and cleaning your baby. These practical cloths that have many uses - great to have to hand when feeding or winding baby. The Babymajawelt Muslin Squares are ideal for burping and for use as a comfort blanket for your baby. They're soft, comfortable and absorbent ? so your little one can dribble, drool and chew to their heart's content!Fabric composition: 100% Cotton. Care Instructions: Muslins can be washed at 90?C, however in order to be environmentally friendly Babymajawelt recommends a 60?C wash.

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